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We participate with Gavius in the conference of the BMA CAMELOT project

  • • The Barcelona Metropolitan Area organized a two-day meeting to discuss the impact of cohesion policy in Barcelona and nearby cities.
  • The event was part of the CAMELOT project, which seeks to bring the EU’s cohesion policy closer to citizens.

On March 28, Gavius participated in an international conference organized by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where they discussed how citizens, municipalities and metropolitan areas participate in projects financed by the cohesion policy of the European Union. The meeting was part of the actions planned in the CAMELOT project, financed by the Europe for Citizens program and of which the BMA forms part together with the metropolitan areas of Porto, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Riga, Bari, Gdansk and Craiova. This project intends to promote the active participation of European citizens in the cohesion policies of the Union, as well as the awareness of being part of a territory, Europe, which can affect the quality of life of cities and population.

The first session of the meeting answered the question of why it is important to communicate the cohesion policy projects. There were also two round tables in which different European projects were presented, one on the energy transition and the other on the urban and digital agenda, where Gavius was presented. In the first one, the attendees learned first-hand about the plans of four European metropolitan regions:

  • Stuttgart: two projects that promote sustainable transformation through hydrogen and mobility hubs
  • Zagreb: energy transition in public buildings
  • Gdansk: four projects related to green development
  • Bari: a project to become a smart city

In the second round table, there were also four projects. The international projects’ technician of Gavà City Council presented Gavius, and a representative from the project’s Technical Office also attended, also representing the Mataró City Council and the rest of the partners. The representatives of the rest of the cities and of the Catalan public institutions that attended, learned what Gavius is, how it is financed, its partnership, the phases of the project and the applications that are going to be created. Other projects were also presented at the table:

  • Milan: spoke about the CAMELOT project, of which it is the leading city
  • Craiova: project on mobility low in carbon emissions
  • Porto: digital ecosystem developed in the town of Valongo

Apart from the round tables, the representative of the Polish city of Gdansk spoke about the integration of immigrants in the context of the war in Ukraine. A workshop was also held with the partners of the CAMELOT project and metropolitan municipalities.

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