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  • We visited the offices of our partners at Cimne, at the UPC in Barcelona, to personally see the digital device and validate its use.
  • The totem is designed to allow citizens to interact with it and with the Gavius application, testing the virtual assistant that we are developing to request social aid.

Gavius is reaching its final stage of development and the virtual tool will be completed in a few months. A representation of citizens was able to test the provisional version in the pilot tests that we carried out in October, but now all citizens who wish will have the opportunity to test Gavius before the final web app becomes available. They will be able to do through a totem that will be installed in the lobby of the town hall of Gavà. This totem is a vertical electronic and touch device designed so that people can interact with it and navigate through the different screens. In this way, they will have a much clearer idea of what Gavius is, what it will be used for and how it will work.

Oktics, the company supplying the totem, and Cimne, which is in charge of collecting the information to be used on the devices, invited us to see it in situ. The aim was to check that this totem will display the correct information and that everything is running effectively. Inetum, the company in charge of designing the application, also attended the meeting, to collect suggestions for improvement and make Gàvius look as clear and understandable as possible in this smart product.

The session was very productive and in fact, few changes were requested. The application is very well integrated into the totem and few errors could be seen. All the screens read well and the navigation was correct. The main suggestions were on the distribution of the content, to make it more centered and spaced, and on how to reduce the loading time at the moment of performing any action.

This totem is one of the most effective solutions for intelligent content management and for promoting a tool such as Gavius among the population, who will thus be able to get to know it in detail and check its ease of use before it becomes fully operational.

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