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The Tecnocampus of Mataró hosts a working day of the whole Gavius team to give a boost to the project in its last phase

  • About thirty professionals met to discuss the status of the project and advance its development.
  • The day was also used for team building activities to connect the team and strengthen communication.

Gavius is made up of a large multidisciplinary team that usually meets online to discuss all issues related to the development of the project. On this occasion, however, it was considered essential to meet in person, to give a boost to the virtual assistant now that it is in its last phase.

The working day, organized by the Mataró City Council at the Tecnocampus of Mataró, was divided into different parts in order to achieve all the planned objectives. First, there was a sharing session to explain the general functioning of Gàvius, its current situation and to decide on the next steps. All attendees were able to resolve doubts and make any contributions they considered appropriate Afterwards, they met in working groups to discuss different areas: the tool from the user’s point of view, the technical aspects and also the legal aspects.

In the working groups, topics such as, for example, how the user has to register in the application or how social workers can use it arose. More technical subjects discussed included data architecture and how to improve the current algorithm. Without forgetting one of the fundamental points of this tool, the application of a correct data protection policy and the possibility that the user can use it anonymously.

In addition to working intensively on the project, this day also served to join the team and strengthen communication among its members, with participatory activities such as a scape room.

In a post-pandemic era, face-to-face meetings are becoming less and less common, but they are still necessary to strengthen relationships between team members, be more efficient and make faster progress on the project.

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