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Gavius: Intelligent administration at the service of the citizens

Gavius is an innovative project to create an intelligent and virtual assistant of the local administration to communicate to the citizens the social aids that can be of their interest making innovative use of the data. Gavius prioritises privacy and the minimisation of data and artificial intelligence techniques that do not use individual data and can recommend the necessary procedures to users. Thus, the system allows citizens to process and receive these aids in a comfortable, fast, simple and respectful way with their privacy through a mobile application. In addition, it will also make it easier for the administration to process, resolve and grant these aids. Potential beneficiaries will be identified through a completely private and secure system and will be able to apply for and manage the aids on the spot.


The great challenge of Gavius is to achieve a proactive administration, which informs the public of the municipal social aid to which they can apply and facilitates its processing.

This can be accomplished through new technologies and quality data management.

While the new virtual assistant would in principle be applied to the field of Social Services, the system is designed to be implemented in countless use cases that improve the current relationship of citizens with the administration.

Gavius could also become a European benchmark, to the extent that any other EU municipality can adapt it to its reality and apply it to the area it deems appropriate.

We are therefore committed to a smarter administration, always citizen-oriented, modern, accessible and adapted to the digital transformation we are experiencing. Because technology is already a key factor in addressing social challenges and rethinking public management.


Using a mobile application, people who have identified themselves will be able to apply for and manage aid on the spot in a convenient, fast and easy way. The social workers will also have a virtual assistant, who will help them process and grant the aid. Municipal budget managers will also have an application that, through artificial intelligence, will assist them in optimising items for social services.

This system is designed with the participation of a multidisciplinary team of co-creation, integrated citizens, social entities and municipal workers.

Beneficiary groups


Simplifies and streamlines bureaucratic processes with the city council.

Other administrations

A model based on machine learning and artificial intelligence for public sector modernisation is being tested.

Government teams

Help in making decisions based on the correct interpretation of data (Data-Driven administration)

Municipal workers

Improves productivity, speed, and efficiency in managing citizens’ procedures.

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