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The Gavius team begins defining the functional requirements of the citizen application

  • These type of requirements form the main core of Gavius’ functionalities and are therefore essential for the development of the application by the public.

The applications created with Gavius must offer a whole series of basic and essential services, without which they would not be able to achieve the goals set. These are the functional requirements that the project partners are currently working on. The way to do this is, first, by defining what these requirements are and distinguishing them from non-functional ones (which are not the core of the system, but which do influence their behaviour). The initial functional requirements were then grouped and divided into 8 working groups, which involved the people that each partner considered appropriate. This work is currently focused on the application for citizenship.


Functional requirements have been grouped by theme, and various groups have been set up to work on them in a specialized way.

Working groups address issues such as how to sign up for the application, access to the help catalogue, the simulator, the recommender, the user’s personal area, or the help tools which are offered. . Each of them defines needs and proposes a way to solve them. It also identifies the general features of the application, to work in a transversal way.

This is a very important phase in the development of the project, without which it is not possible to move forward. The work and coordination of all the people involved are allowing this significant step to have, soon, the first prototype of Gàvius.

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