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The Gavius project has continued to be presented at fairs and conferences in 2020, despite the pandemic

The complicated situation generated by the Covid-19 has meant that many events have had to change the format, but they have continued to be held. Gavà City Council and its partners have participated with three important people in Gavius, where all security measures have been scrupulously followed.

World Telecommunications, Internet and Information Society Day, celebrated on 15 May, was the first of the highlights of 2020 where Gàvius was discussed. It was led by Karina Gibert, a professor at the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Research Centre at the UPC, a partner university in the project. Gibert participated in the panel of experts who talked about ICT tools and strategies to curb the pandemic. In this sense, Gavius becomes very necessary insofar as it will allow remote, personalised and agile procedures.

In September another great event took place in Madrid, the VI Congress of Smart Cities. The main theme was “Decarbonising, digitising and distributing: challenges for the future of cities by 2050”, and exchanging knowledge and experiences in urban environments, highlighting the initiatives that are currently being developed in Spain. Gavius was part of a round table on the challenges and opportunities of intensive use of the cloud and data for smart city management, within a new model of public service delivery. The person in charge of explaining the project and answering doubts and questions was Jordi Tort, first deputy mayor of Gavà City Council and president of the field of New Governance and General Services, Economic Strategy, Work and Promotion of the city.

The 2020 edition of theGreen Cities forum had 1560 professional attendees, 720 entities presented, 53 cities present (including Gavà) and 225 experts. In this context, and following a strict protocol of security measures, a broad proposal of services and tools for a more advanced management model and the improvement of public services was put on the table. Gavius did its bit with its application proposal to know and manage public aid through artificial intelligence and obtaining secure and quality data.

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