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The co-creation process ends with great success of participation

  • The last two sessions with citizens and municipal staff have served to put on the table needs, opinions and proposals, which will be used to develop the applications of Gavius.
  • The teams from Gavà and Mataró have worked in a synchronized way, with very participatory dynamics carried out by Inetum, the technological partner of the project, and Eurecat and Tecnocampus, the companies that facilitate the sessions.

The Gavius co-creation process has come to an end.The teams of Gavà and Mataró have made, in the two last scheduled sessions, the necessary contributions to start developing the applications. They have to be adapted to the people that will use them: citizens and municipal personnel involved in the field of Social Services.

The third session, held on June 9 and 10 in Gavà and Mataró respectively, was dedicated to the validation of the design of the different screens, based on the work done in previous meetings. Various challenges were proposed to the team, which it had to solve based on examples of proposed screens. In each challenge, aspects such as usability, ease of finding information, sections that should appear or design elements such as colours and icons were discussed. The session was so participatory that there were still activities pending, so finally, the fourth session was held, which was pending the development of the previous ones.

This last working meeting served to continue advancing in the validation of screens, especially in those related to the personal space of the user and the way to communicate with their city council. In the end, the team was asked to name the application, and very good proposals came up. It should be noted that in Mataró the session could be held in person, applying all necessary measures to prevent COVID-19.

Applications will now be developed for the public and municipal workers, incorporating the proposals that have emerged into the co-creation process. But that doesn’t mean the team’s work is over; if they so wish, they will be able to meet again in future contrast sessions that will be done to test the applications as they are built.

A tool for processing social assistance

Gavius is an innovative project that involves the creation of three local government assistants:

  • A mobile application for citizens
  • An assistant for municipal Social Services
  • A resource planning and management tool in the City Council

It will serve to communicate to the public the social aids they have at their disposal, to process it, to grant it and to perceive it in a comfortable, fast and simple way, as well as respectful of their privacy. Potential beneficiaries will be able to apply for and manage the aid on the spot via their mobile device. The project is being worked on in a way that prioritizes the privacy of users, who will be identified by a completely secure system.

According to the calendar, during 2022 the pilot test will be carried out and the implementation is planned for the first months of 2023 in the municipalities of Gavà and Mataró, with the option of being a model that can be transferred to other administrations throughout Europe.

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