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Second Co-creation Session Mataró Cover

Second co-creation session: testing functionalities and design

The Gavius co-creation teams have already started to work on the functionalities and the design of the future application to manage social benefits. The second session was very participatory and dynamic, both in Gavà and Mataró.

Gavius’ co-creation process has reached the second session. The Gavà and Mataró teams have begun to fully immerse themselves in both the design of the application and the functionalities it will have. The technological partner of the project, the Inetumcompany, and the companies facilitating the sessions, Eurecat in Gavà andTecnocampus in Mataró, have designed five very practical and dynamic activities for this team meeting. Through a common virtual mural, all the team members have responded to the challenges proposed in different post-its.

In the first activity, they had to name the main applications they have on their mobile phone, what buttons or icons they have to configure and use them, if the options are on a single screen or if they prefer to see them in text format, with icons or by colours.

In the second challenge, each team has analysed a help request screen available at the electronic headquarters of their city council. Those responsible for developing the application wanted to know what they found the easiest and the most difficult to understand and if they found the distribution of the information clear, as well as the phases of the application process.

In the third activity, the co-creation teams have already been asked to make proposals on which functionalities (buttons) they would like to appear on the screen of the application they are creating. Then they voted for those that seemed essential, highlighting the calendar, the requirements to request assistance, the language or the notification of resolutions.

All these functionalities or sections must have an understandable name, and this is what the teams have been asked in the fourth activity: assess a series of proposals for titles already given and add others. The last challenge has been to observe a basic layout screen and write what information has to appear, what is leftover and which one they miss.

With all the contributions of the co-creation teams, very valuable information is obtained to develop the application and make a tool that is really useful for future users.

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