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Given the complexity of urban challenges, administrations often cannot act alone. To design and implement effective and innovative solutions, these must involve all key stakeholders who can bring experience and knowledge on the subject, such as social fabric, research and innovation centres, or private companies.

Gavà City Council is the main promoter of the Gavius project, taking on the role of the technical office. Coordinates the actions of the partners and the direct relationship with the UIA, as well as starting a participatory process with the citizens of Gavà, to involve them directly in the functional design and user interface of the Gavius application. Several departments of the City Council are very involved, such as Social Services, IT or the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

The Gavius project has the full support of Mataró City Council, which participates in it as a public administration that is in the process of the digital transition. In addition, the Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation will collaborate by providing experience in the definition and execution of projects with the participation of users, public administration, knowledge centres and companies.

AOC brings to the Gavius project its experience in local social services management systems and personalised services in the social field and digital administration in the cloud. It provides the integrator of digital identification services in Catalonia, VALid, so that citizens can access and process the Gavius virtual assistant in an agile, easy and secure way. It will promote and accompany the deployment of the system to other interested councils and local bodies.

CIMNE is a research centre that develops numerical methods and computer techniques to advance knowledge and technology in engineering and applied sciences. It provides to Gavius the identification and collection of relevant information from available data sources, to use it in a way that is appropriate for the applications that will be developed. It also collaborates in the development of the interface of interaction between the Social Services of the city councils and the citizens.

The UPC, the first state university in Engineering and Technology, participates in the Gavius project through its IDEAI research centre, assuming the coordination of data management design and the construction of artificial intelligence models for applications. It also collaborates in the design of the system from the point of view of its ethical and reliable development and participates in the optimisation of the experience of the users of the Gavius application.

Xnet is an activist project that proposes advanced solutions in various fields related to digital rights and the updating of democracy, at the state and international level. Xnet contributes to the Gavius project with its experience in ethics and rights in the digital age, giving answers about the legal and ethical framework of the project and the tools it creates. All to ensure that fundamental rights are guaranteed from the design and by default.

Inetum’s Public Administration area brings to Gàvius its expertise in innovation and digital transformation in the field of Public Administration. Inetum contributes to the project as an active part of the entire cycle of definition (Design Thinking), testing and execution (agile development) of Gavius, as well as the technical coordination of the different partners involved in the technical developments of the solutions that make it up.

EY is responsible for providing regulatory advice on data protection and Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to design an application that complies with the pronouncements of the competent authorities and the requirements of the applicable regulations in these matters, while guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of users.

The Method

Gavius is an example of joint work between the administration, business, citizens and research (the so-called “quadruple helix”). Each sector contributes its vision to the project and, in addition, there is an Advisory Board that meets every six months to monitor it.

The Budget

The total budget of the Gàvius project is € 5,345,091.15.

The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) initiative of the European Union contributes € 4,276,072.92, 80%, and the set of partners that promote the Gàvius project contribute € 1,069,018.23

Gavà City Council
Mataró City Council
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