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Gavius In Other Forums

Gavius, present in important national and international forums

The Gavius project is progressing, also in its dissemination. More and more national and international forums request to know more about the project and share the experience with other cities and urban areas. During September and October, there have been various European events that have had the presence of Gavius, and this trend is expected to continue in November.

On September 7 and 8, the URBACT Urban Transfers conference took place in Madrid, where various cities in Europe shared experiences and projects in different areas. The objective was to promote multilevel dialogue, network and transfer knowledge to other places linked to both the URBACT network and other European programs. The program incorporated presentations from various national and international institutions, as well as spaces and workshops for networking among the attending cities. On the 7th at noon, the first deputy mayor of Gavà, Jordi Tort, mentioned Gavius in the talk-colloquium “The Recovery Plan: a look from local entities”. In the afternoon, there were group work sessions, where the director of the area of Sustainable Economic Development and Projection of the City, María Ángeles González, participated at the table dedicated to innovation in local public administration. In it, experiences and ideas could be exchanged with the municipalities of Pamplona, Zaragoza, Candelaria, Calahorra and Getafe.

Gavius ​​in other forums - URBACT urban transfers

On October 12, part of the Gavius team was present at the European Week of Regions and Cities, an event where European cities show their capacity for growth, create jobs and implement EU cohesion policies. A team made up of political representatives, citizens and the project’s expert consultant, took part in the session called “Daring cities, digital communities”, where 5 cities (Gavà, Újbuda, Herleen, Rennes and Ravenna) explained their experience creating collaborative urban ecosystems and promoting the use of data and digital tools. After the introduction and a few short presentations on data accessibility, transparent data sharing and digital awareness, the participants broke into groups for concrete working sessions on data digitization and visualization. Finally, the results of these workshops were presented, from which very good ideas and proposals emerged.

Gavius in other forums - EU Regions Week

From November 9 to 12, the 4th Congress of Digital Government is held, where all Catalan public entities participate. The objective of the event is to help build a leading country in digitization and to do so in a collaborative way, through presentations, round tables and workshops. This year, emphasis is placed on opportunities to transform the administration, arising from the crisis caused by Covid-19. Inetum, the technological partner of Gavius, is one of the sponsors of the congress and, in one of its spaces to present projects, has decided to highlight this one. It will do so through an interview with the 1st Deputy Mayor of the Gavà City Council, Jordi Tort, which can be seen in virtual format on November 9 at 12 h.

Gavius in other forums - Congress of Digital Government

The Gavius team works to make the project as widely known as possible, sharing knowledge and experience with citizens, national and European administrations and other interested agents. For their part, the eight partners also talk about him in different forums where they participate, as did Karina Gibert, from the UPC, in the inaugural lecture of the postgraduate course in Management at the School of Public Administration and in the round table “The ethics of Artificial Intelligence applied to social health”, within the framework of the XI R+D+I Conference on Social Health ICT 2021.

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