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Process Co-creation Gavius

Gavius co-creation process underway

A team made up of citizens, municipal workers and representatives of entities has carried out the first of the guided sessions, which will allow the creation of a virtual assistant to process social assistance.

In this first session, held in both Gavà and Mataró, the team got to know each other and began to immerse themselves in the Gavius project, focusing on those aspects that make it innovative. They have also been able to share their perceptions on how to access the application.

The Gavius project has reached one of the most exciting phases, the one in which the end-users intervene to create together with the technicians an application that will be very useful when it comes to finding out about the municipal social assistance they have right, process and receive them. For their part, the social services staff will also have a virtual assistant that will help them improve speed and efficiency when managing procedures. Both are participating in a series of very dynamic guided sessions, to work on different aspects such as the flow of a procedure, access, functionalities, navigation and the design of the app screens. Finally, once the prototypes have been developed, they will be able to test them before final development. These sessions are held in both Gavà and Mataró, the municipalities involved in the project, and in virtual format due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing.

The first was held on May 12. In it, a presentation of the team was made, it was explained what Gavius is, the reason for the project and the vital importance of participation in it. An impact was also made on the usefulness that the application will have for users, as well as the steps that will have to be followed to use it.

In the second part of the session, the co-creation team became familiar with concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, bot, data processing or proactivity. The latter is one of the distinctive features of the project, which wants to get an administration that will look for the citizen, instead of waiting for it to be the citizen who will take the initiative to go to the town hall for information or to do a procedure.

The team was very active, participating in the proposed activities, giving their opinions and expressing their interest in the project. The next session will be on May 26, when more will be discussed: the functionalities and navigation of the different user-profiles and beneficiary entities will be tested.

The co-creation sessions are led by specialised technology companies. On the one hand, Eurecat (in Gavà) and Tecnocampus (in Mataró), as facilitators of participatory dynamics and channelling of results. On the other hand, Inetum, the technological partner of the Gavius project, as the developer of the applications.

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