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First Journal UIA

The first journal about Gavius published on the UIA website

This newsletter has been prepared by an expert in European projects with the information provided by the partners. It introduces the key concepts and ideas of Gavius, analyses the current state of activities and explains the main implementation challenges it faces.

The European project Gavius continues its journey, advancing in the different stages that will lead to the creation of three virtual assistants to process social aids: one for citizens, another for municipal technicians and a third for managers and management team. Behind all this is intense work and important challenges to overcome, including making the citizens and the agents involved aware of the development and importance of the project. TheUrban Innovative Actions(UIA) initiative, which funds 80% of it, does its part in this regard, publishing several newsletters in the space that Gavius has on its website. This is a very good tool to publicize the project internationally.

From the end of April 2021, the first of these newsletters or journals can be read online or downloaded in PDF version. Written in English and entitled “When AI serves common good”, the publication gives an exhaustive review of Gavius from its beginnings, focusing on key ideas, the point where it is currently and the challenges it faces. The main thing is clear in the introduction: Gavius must take advantage of the great potential of Artificial Intelligence in an area where it has not been exploited, that of local public services.

The journal goes into the subject by explaining the background of Gavius and the context in which the councils of Gavà and Mataró make their digital commitment. As for the current phase of the project, it focuses on co-creation, technical application development, and ethics, privacy, and security, which are key to develop these tools. Finally, a review is made of the challenges that Gavius has achieved, their complexity and the lessons that have been learned. These are challenges such as leadership in innovation, the active involvement of stakeholders, the scalability of the project or communication between partners and with the beneficiaries. It is also used to draw a conclusion and highlight the lessons learned so far.

The journal is written by Valentina Tageo, the person chosen by the UIA to advise Gavius partners with their expertise in innovation applied to various fields. It is expected that, during the development of the project, there will be other journals that explain different aspects and phases of it.

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